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Social Life and Motivation Lab Team

Olivia Frigoletto, Maria Dechant, Alexandra Flores, Ed Orehek, Michael Godfrey, Mohammad Durrani, Sarah Kwiatek

Join Us!

Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students should apply to the social psychology PhD program at Pitt. More information is available on the department website here. Interested applicants are encouraged to get in touch via email.

Research Assistantships

Our lab encourages dedicated undergraduate students to apply for directed research positions in our lab. To apply, please complete this RA application form, and submit it via email.

Lab Alumni

Nicole Barbaro (Ph.D. student, Oakland University)
Alexandra Flores (Ph.D. student, University of Colorado)
Michelle Francis (M.A., Wake Forest, data manager, University of Virginia Motivate Lab)
Ellen Quick (Ph.D, student, Fordham University)
Gina Roussos (Ph.D. student, Yale University)
Allison Skapik (MSW student, Tulane University)
Wesley Starnes (Ph.D, student, Wayne State University)
Anna Vazeou-Nieuwenhuis (Ph.D. student, University of Pittsburgh)
Sara Wingrove (Ph.D. student, Duke University)