Perceived Partner Instrumentality Scale

Orehek, E., Forest, A. L., & Wingrove, S. (2018). People as means to multiple goals: Implications for interpersonal relationships. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 44, 1487-1501.

This scale is available in word, pdf.

Instructions: Please answer the following questions about [INSERT NAME]

We are interested in how the people in your life affect your pursuit of your goals (i.e., goals to do well in general as well as specific goals, like getting a good grade on an upcoming exam, losing ten pounds, etc.). Please answer the following questions. It is a little tricky to understand, so please read carefully.

For the person stated above, please indicate how much the person helps or harms your pursuit of this goal. A person is helpful to a goal if s/he makes it more likely that you will succeed. A person is harmful to a goal if s/he makes it less likely that you will succeed. Note that being harmful for your goals does not mean that this person wants you to fail – simply that he or she makes it less likely that you will succeed.

Please indicate how much [INSERT NAME] helps or harms your pursuit of these goals.

  1. Social Connection/Social Support Goals
  2. Romantic or Sexual Relationship Goals
  3. Academic Goals
  4. Career Goals
  5. Financial Goals
  6. Health/Fitness Goals
  7. Leisure/Fun Goals
  8. Personal Improvement/Growth Goals
  9. Service/Helping Others Goals

Scale: -5 (Extremely Harmful) to 0 (Neither Helpful nor Harmful) to 5 (Extremely Helpful).